Low hanging sun drops long shadows on the streets of Akureyri as I say goodbye to yet another friend leaving from the local airport. I walk through the freezing morning of a small town waking up to a lazy Saturday. It’s been seven months now. Seven months of living in Iceland and experiencing the whole range of emotion paralleled to the everchanging environment.

With spring something new and beautiful was born just as the lambing season brought new life to run around and enjoy the perks of never ending summer. Summer that feels infinite and belongs only to you, whoever you are. And then as the winter comes closer and the lambs are taken to the slaughter it almost feels like a prediction of what is about to come. Even the most beautiful things must come to the brink of death, they must be ephemeral otherwise they would lose their bit of charm.

In the middle of November sun goes up after 10 in the morning and goes back down shortly after 3 in the afternoon. This yawn of a sunlight is only getting shorter with each day. The weather is taunting you with its strong winds screeching through every crack in your little house and snow burdens the lava fields everywhere around you and as you look out of the window at this blazing whiteness the only noise in your empty home is a ticking clock, clicking slowly and without a fail steadily. You look at the night sky and the stars are spinning into an empty eternity just as your thoughts are spinning and spiralling and slipping to the darkest corners of your mind. Never give the night your best, for the day will bring out your worst.

Blizzards come and go as you’re driving on a frozen road. Your car drifts through each turn and doesn’t stop even if you want it to. The snowflakes get bigger and grow in numbers, the temperature goes down and the windshield wipers are freezing so much that they just leave a smudge on your window, so you focus on two red lights in front of you and hope you’ll get wherever you were headed in the first place.

But then one day the clouds disappear and this giant ball of fire shines on the mountains surrounding you. The river resembles a liquid diamond glittering and flowing lazily, and you try to capture and hold that moment, but it must be ephemeral, it must be. Today is that day.

As I watched the plane lift and leave the ground it gave me a sense of hope. This journey, more of an emotional one than physical, will soon come to an end and the present moment will drop a long shadow into the past where it will be stored as a memory and a reminder. This place has grown to me and became my home but now it is time for me to move on to yet another adventure, another ephemera. Or I will lose my mind completely and never get from this valley in northern Iceland in the middle of nowhere.