There are moments in life that you wish you could share with others but no matter how hard you try, no matter how you put it, you feel like the listener will not be able to understand what you mean. Maybe you’ll show him a picture or a video so he can imagine the event better but still… It’s not the same thing.

You have this beautiful picture of midnight sun but to someone who did not experience its beauty it will look like a regular sunset. Like the one he saw before on thousand different photos. Only you know how it feels to stand on top of a hill, ten minutes past midnight, and look on the horizon and there it is. This golden jewel that you know shouldn't be there. It should be pitch black outside and there should be moon and stars. Yet there is the sun. Taunting you, slightly touching the horizon like it might go down and then after another half an hour it’s going back up again.

You’re mesmerized, full of disbelief. Something you've seen happening every single day of your life has changed. It gets you out of your bubble, this is one of those moments that gives you a new perspective. And you take a photo to remember but it is meaningful only to you. To everyone else, it is just a sunset.

Maybe it is pitch black outside and there is moon and stars. You feel a little bit chilly but you know what you’re waiting for so you put on a hat to keep you warm. And then out of nowhere… Across the sky bright green light appears and starts changing shapes wildly. In front of your eyes there are columns magically popping out, resembling a visual piano song. With each note there is a new green column. You don’t know where to look first, your mouth wide open keeps automatically repeating: “Wow.” And then the light becomes purple at the bottom and it just takes your breath away. And you take a photo to remember but to others it’s just a nice photo of northern lights – something they've heard about. But the alien feeling you get, the feeling like you’re on another planet, you just cannot share something like that.

That’s why I created this website. This blog is dedicated to all those moments. And I’ll try the impossible – do my best at sharing all these stories with you, to bring you closer to the world and show you what guidebooks won’t, wherever you are and whether you want to read or listen. Hi, I’m Petr Herold and I’m your storyteller now.